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Kids' Paintings

The best care

At Medical Tree Clinic,  we provide high quality, compassionate, skilled care for your child/ children.  We value your child’s well-being and are guided by our ethical and moral standards in every detail of our business. We are always up to date with medical practice and work professionally under our scope.

We give full support to our young patients by having the best  quality staff that is composed of nurses and MDs. Because every family has its unique dynamics, our services at Medical Tree Clinic we are designed to be flexible with your child’s needs and the preferences set by the family members.

At Medical Tree Clinic we promise to be up to date with your child/children's immunization and growth chart for your family's well being. 

Meet our Pediatrician!

Dr. Mike Storr

Dr Mike Storr is a pediatrician with 27 years of experience in both hospital and community based Pediatrics. He is providing consultations for family doctors to help children, teens and their families deal with all types of medical problems. In addition to such things as headaches, problems with eating or growing, abdominal pain etc, he is including clinical hypnosis for assistance with chronic pain and anxiety disorders. 

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