In order to keep our patients and staff safe during this pandemic, we would like to introduce new procedures for our clinic as follows:

1) If you are having an emergency , please call 911 or present to nearest emergency department. kindly do not come to the clinic for any emergency issues.

2)Front doors are for pharmacy patients entry only. Please wear a mask and sanitize your hands in the vestibule of the front doors before entering the pharmacy.

3)If you are coming into the clinic for walk -in , please do not come to the clinic without first  booking an appointment over the phone.

4)If you are coming into the clinic for in person booked appointment, we request you to wear a mask(If you can) and sanitize your hands upon entering the vestibule of back doors of the clinic.

5)If you develop any COVID 19 symptoms (new cough, runny nose, Shortness of breath, fever, headaches, chills, sore throat etc) before your booked appointment, please do not come to clinic or pharmacy instead present to your nearest public health COVID 19 screening center for testing or do online self assessment for COVID 19 and follow instructions from your local Public Health.

6) Please observe social distancing (always maintain 2 m distance from others ) during your visit in the clinic or pharmacy.

These are unprecedented times and we would really appreciate your understanding and cooperation to help us provide you with safer and convenient services.



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Rapidly changing COVID-19 situation

Your health is our priority. To keep our community healthy, we are constantly monitoring COVID-19 situation

As per directives from public health unit, we would like to encourage social distancing to reduce any spread of infections.  


  2. Self-isolate if you have traveled in last 14 days internationally and experience upper respiratory symptoms.

  3. Keep washing your hands with soap regularly

  4. For more instructions visit KFLA website: